You Say Aesthetic, I Say【Aesthetic】

Hello everyone! First off, welcome to my ARTS 104 website. For my first blog post, I will be sharing three examples of what I think my personal aesthetic is. To be honest, aesthetic is something I am constantly talking about at my job. However, I have never had much success in nailing down what my aesthetic is. So before I completed this blog post, I wanted to see if I could find a quiz that could help me place my aesthetic.

I found this Playbuzz quiz that identified my aesthetic as a “hipster aesthetic.” It detailed that I “don’t follow the crowd” and that I only have “few close friends.” Honestly, this quiz wasn’t wrong. I do have a few friends, wear skinny jeans and converse. But this quiz seemed to really oversimplify my aesthetic.

To begin understanding what my aesthetic is, I looked at past work of mine. I began by revisiting a website I made for Digital Storytelling. On this website, I posted a glitch art photo of myself to match the surrounding cyberpunk/retro vibe I had. I chose this image to represent my aesthetic because the glitching seems so random, yet beautiful. I also love the chaotic, fast changes that allows the viewer a few glimpses of my face at a time. In a weird way, this image is one of a few images of myself that I really love. Consequently, cyberpunk and glitch art make up a decent portion of my aesthetic.

My favorite illustration of the collection.

Another aspect of my aesthetic is my love for illustration work. While looking through Behance, I found these beautiful illustrations by Mikyung Lee. I fell in love with these illustrations because of the interesting use of lighting and warm coloring that draws the viewer’s eye to the subject. There is also a sense of hygge or coziness in all of these illustrations. Regarding the illustration above, it also seemed familiar as it reminded me of this image of Mark Zuckerberg traveling down the aisles of a conference while the attendees don VR goggles. And to be nerdy, I really like the fact that my brain made that connection. Therefore, beautiful illustration work that relates to the digital world is part of my aesthetic.

My final selection is a bit odd. You know how a few paragraphs ago I was like, “I am NOT a hipster?” Well, I guess I was wrong. While trying to find another piece that represents my personal aesthetic, I rediscovered this YouTube video I liked. It is by Buzzfeed (boo me now) and honestly, it’s just adorable. I chose this video because it  stands out from other videos Buzzfeed makes. This video is not your normal 1920 by 1080. No, this video is a square! This interesting canvas allowed the editors of the video to cut up the square in truly fascinating ways. In essence, the editors challenged how we would usually watch a video. AND it is somewhat hipstery as it features a man with a mustache and a pseudo-manic pixie dream-girl character. So, I will now begrudgingly accept that there is a hipster aspect to my aesthetic.

(deep sigh)

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