The Battle of Silicon Valley

Hello everyone, today I am going to be sharing with you my collage I created. My collage, titled “The Battle of Silicon Valley”, created a digital battle scene featuring famous men of Silicon Valley. My work is arguing that these bigwig Silicon Valley guys are actually thieves and militant imperialists. In order to portray this idea, I used the “Battle of Austerlitz” painting by Gerard François and then added their faces on top of them. Also featured in the painting are people who are fighting digital injustices in our current digital environment. Moreover, I wanted to portray weapons not as swords, but as hyperlinks and mouse cursors. This places the viewer into the context of digital warfare and the digital world in general.

There are two versions of this work. The one that does not have the glitch effect is the one that I am officially submitting as it follows the requirements for sizing and resolution. However, the second version of this image is how I prefer my collage, but the glitch filter lowered the resolution of the work, making it unsuitable for submission.

I found this assignment very rewarding and tried my best to embrace the challenge of the task at hand. Through this assignment, I learned the value of skewing images to make them look more realistically placed into an environment. If I could do this assignment again, I would have spent more time finding photos of the men in closer head position to the original painting. I think that this would have made it more realistic. All in all, I wanted to help my viewer reevaluate the entrepreneurs of Silicon Valley in a more Neoclassical and modern light. By reframing our perspective, we can begin to question our current online landscape and understand more of what motivates and drives it.

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