Hello everyone! Welcome to my final blog post on this lovely subdomain. Before I talk about my Final Project, I just want to give a big shout out to Jason for teaching me this semester! I have learned so much about Digital Art and that’s all because of you. Thanks!

For my final project, I created a collage storyboard. Yes, those are two words you have not really heard together before, but let me illuminate you. After college, my roommate and I are planning on producing a movie. While I won’t go into details (mainly because this is on the open web and I don’t want some Big Fat Liar BS to happen), I can say that this movie will definitely be weird and pretty good. So because my roommate and I have these big dreams, I try to find ways to scaffold them and work on them any way I can. Thus, a storyboard made out of other people’s images (check the “Resources Used” column in my table below for links).

This assignment was very interesting, yet challenging. Creating a storyboard collage for a project I am really passionate about is amazing, I love it! However, because I could see what I wanted for the movie so vividly, I struggled to find images that met what I had in my head. Consequently, I spent a lot of my time hunting down images that were close to perfect on Unsplash, Pixabay, and Google Images. Additionally, since I was choosing very strange photos I could not be so picky about the background and the feasibility of cutting a subject out of its photo. This proved to proverbially “bite me in the ass” as I spent numerous hours selecting, erasing, and refining my images.

In terms of what I learned, this project got me even more comfortable with the workflow of Adobe Photoshop. I especially became more proficient with the keystrokes and procedural order of Photoshop. Considering the assignment in general, I found it fairly easy to achieve what I wanted to with the tools I had. I think that throughout this semester I have been gaining a deeper understanding of editing software and that this education informed my project wonderfully. I do have to say that I am only truly happy with three of the six panels. I attribute this struggle to not finding images that convey/do exactly what I want. If I were to do this assignment again, I would invest more time into researching images and maybe even taking some of my own.

All things considered, I liked this assignment and the opportunity to create content that is a part of my future dreams. Well, this has been a great semester that has taught me a lot and allowed me to create whatever I wanted. I’ll catch all of you on the flip side.




Resources Used



I thought of an idea for my project. I settled on doing a storyboard for a movie my roommate and I want to make after college.

      My brain



I decided which scenes would appear on the storyboard and then physically sketched these ideas on paper.


      Colored markers




I gathered resources for the first storyboard panel. The first panel shows the bus full of people travelling to the portal. After finding what I wanted, I put them together on Photoshop.






      Blue Woman

      Drag Queen

      Baby Queen



I spent this time working on finding materials for the second storyboard panel, Portal in the Desert. Once I found the resources I wanted, I used various selection tools and blending modes to get my image.


      Woman Walking

      Man with a guitar

      Unicorn child




For my third story panel, which shows the portal the gang is travelling through, I began by evaluating which textures would convey the craziness of the portal. I decided that since no one knows what portals look like, there is nothing stopping me from using whatever images I wanted. With that in mind, I went out on the interwebs and found some space, night sky, and glitter images. Using some liquefy tools and subject selection, I was able to make this story panel.

      Underwater woman

      Man falling

      Woman falling

      Night sky


      Water droplets



With story panel four I faced a dilemma. I was no longer sure of what I was envisioning for this scene. What was once crystal clear was murky. Thus, I went back to the drawing board for this panel and decided that Janet would be smoking a cigarette alone. We know that at some point in the story, Janet is going to have a rough night, so I wanted to create a scene that shows Janet taking a moment to recollect.

      Green Room

      Woman smoking a cigarette



For story panel five, I wanted to show the crowd at the concert. In this panel, I wanted to specifically demonstrate the type of festival goer who may attend a Janet concert. This panel was fairly simple but acts as an establishing shot for the concert portion itself. 


      Man in hat

      Woman with flowers

      Man with chain



My last panel was very difficult as it is most likely going to be the last shot of our film. Deciding the last shot is insanely important as that is the last image you leave your viewer. Thus, I wanted to leave the viewers on a surrealist feel with Janet shown on the stage with a crazy background and lots of implied motion.

      Woman in dress

      Abstract background




After completing all of my story panels, I showed them to some of my friends, colleagues, and friends. I find that getting feedback is an important step for myself and my work as it strengthens it.

      My network of friends, coworkers, and family.



Once I had gotten advice on some fixes, I went back into Photoshop and finished fixing some things. The majority of this work was cleaning up lines and trying different placement of overlays.

      Adobe Photoshop



I spent my final hour putting my storyboard together on my WordPress site. I wanted to put all the elements together on my website so anyone could at a glance get a feel for the aesthetic of the movie my roommate and I are going to be making.

      Love and support from my friends and family

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